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Exhibition #18

@ PLAQUE: Neon Heater (Findlay, OH), The Temperature 08 - Remedios the Beauty

G-CADD is proud to host the 8th exhibition of Neon Heater's The Temperature at PLAQUE. As part of the monthly theme Cast of Characters, 3 exhibitions (Born Under a Bad Sign, John the Revelator, and Remedios the Beauty) in October will populate the narrative by introducing archetypal characters. Drawing inspirations from Gabriel Garcia Marquez's novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, the show entitled Remedios the Beauty reflects on a character who is the most beautiful girl anyone who has ever seen, but she exists so simply and naively that people don't know what to make out of her, until one day she just floats away to heaven. This all female show confronts growing up in an internet-era through celebrity stereotypes and the notions of vanity and beauty that accompany them. Exhibiting artists include Cindy Hinant, Daughter Cell (Clare Gatto, Kara Gut and M. Pofahl), Flex Art Collective (Clare Gatto, Jova Lynne, Megan Marie Kelley), Julie Renee Jones, and Kassandra Palmer. 

The Temperature is a curatorial project of The Neon Heater, an artist run space in Findlay, OH. As part of their seventh year of exhibitions, The Neon Heater will be curating a series of 30 exhibitions across the United States between September 2018 and May of 2019. A loose conceptual narrative will connect the exhibitions via a monthly framework that unfolds throughout the course of the year. The narrative is a critique of the Art world and capitalist art market, American nationalism and exceptionalism, and universalized Hollywood blockbusters. October's monthly theme is Cast of Characters.

@ INSURANCE: Harley Lafarrah-Eaves and Janie Stamm, (St. Louis, MO), Girl/Boy Hyper Nation

In Girl / Boy Hyper Nation, Eaves and Stamm investigate the notion of deja-vu and how such a phenomenon continually haunts our cultural collective memory. Although society has a fondness for nostalgia, we often suppress traumatic memories, ultimately creating a displaced reality. The artists have borrowed a lyric from the song “Her Jazz” by the 90’s Riot Grrrl band Huggy Bear, which discusses failed lost futures that were allegedly shifting the balance of equilibrium between the Patriarchy and the Matriarchy; they were actively communicating with the ghosts of their past to push forward the message of a Girl/Boy hybridization. Likewise, the artists are encouraging communication with personal ghosts who are regularly haunting us with warning messages. This installation invites the viewer into a world of a displacement that is multivalent in its political undertones, while simultaneously offering a space that displays the artists’ shared passion of communicating with ghosts, color, and material.

@ GREASE: Gillian Tobin (Kansas City, MO), Be Nothing

Be Nothing is driven by material experimentation with a focus on the uncanny quality of hand made objects, which exist between composure and incidence. The artist has erased their work of any familiar content as they are attempting to reference nothing.

@ LEGAL PAD: Steph Zimmerman (St. Louis, MO), Recast

Recast is an outdoor audio installation created using only materials collected from the Mississippi River—sticks, rocks, Styrofoam pieces, the inner lining of a washed-up basketball, among others. With a nod to the calliope music played aboard traditional riverboats, the piece offers a portrait and demonstrates the performative potential of the river and its contents.


@ STNDRD: Gina Hunt and Allison Lacher, Cue Winter