In collaboration with G-CADD, New American Gardening explores garden making on vacant lots and post industrial land on our campus in Granite City, Illinois.  It is focused on the design, implementation, and stewardship of garden oriented projects and programs. Recent projects include 'Slot Lot', 'Pilot Plot', a greenhouse built from recycled material found on site, and the numerous gardens of native plants encompassing the space.

Pictures from L-R
Gina Hunt and Allison Lacher, Cue Winter
Lyndon Barrois Jr., Souvenir

STNDRD is a gallery project based at G-CADD, and directed by Sage Dawson. Its exhibitions examine the power and potential of flags, richly evidenced by history and contemporary art as cultural objects that abstract, encapsulate, and canonize.

STNDRD debuted September 2016 at The Luminary (Saint Louis), then traveled to DEMO Project (Springfield, Illinois) and the Terrain Biennial - Enos Park (Springfield, IL) during 2017. In 2018 STNDRD took permanent residence in the St. Louis metro area as an outdoor flag pole at G-CADD. Alongside its permanent location, off-site and traveling exhibitions are ongoing and have included exhibitions at Dalton Warehouse (Los Angeles), ACRE (Steuben, Wisconsin), and Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles).