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Exhibition #14

Guest Curators include: Conor Murphy, Joshua Howell, and Layla Zubi

'The Infield Shift', Curated by Conor Murphy
Artists include Tom Wixo & Eric Cagley

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'No Tipping at the Concession Stand', Curated by Joshua T. Howell

No tipping at the concession stand’ is a collection of artist made tip jars. Viewers are encouraged to tip generously as all proceeds will go directly to the artists involved. 

Attempting to locate ‘value’ within the arts, No tipping at the concession stand seeks to place a transactional relationship at the forefront of the work.

The audience is encouraged to discuss the question ‘What is this work worth to me?’ as local and international artists sit alongside straw wo/men just to firm up the argument. 

Please bring change. 

Joshua T Howell (b. 1989, Bristol, UK) is an artist, writer and producer living and working in St Louis, MO.

In Josh’s work collections, nuggets, or crystallisations of images, language and cultural tropes alongside their modes of distribution become the ‘materials’ that work is made up of. A lens through which to explore issues of image culture (read as memes), post-representation (read as memes), de-contextualisation (read as memes) and modern modes of image dissemination (read as memes) This becomes the backbone on which threads of narrative are loosely hung, from writing to print to video etc.

Other current projects include a crowd sourced library attempting to archive page 69 of every copy of Lady Chatterly’s Lover available in print and ‘The Matrix Fully Loaded’ a theatrical reworking of the Matrix where everyone is stoned. 


'Where We Are Coming From', Curated by Layla Zubi
Artists include Jeanette Habash, Erica Jones, Carlos Miguel Ortiz, Aalia Rahman, Sumiah Salloum

'Where We Are Coming From' is about forming life narratives including various imagery that revolves around identity, cultural background, family, transitions, history, and the present. All of these aspects captured are not only what they are exposed to, but have an entire understanding of what shapes them into becoming who they are and what they see and are aware of in their personal and public spaces. We can reflect and ask ourselves on how one responds to their environment concerning our identity. Where do those defining moments of identity lead to? How does one embody the significance of our identity, especially as minorities, through visual and conceptual means? The work depicted in this exhibition should be seen as documented insight on individual hyper-awareness of themselves and their surroundings through the use of traditional or mixed mediums and visual media. 

Layla Zubi (b. 1991, St. Louis, Missouri) is a visual artist who lives and works in the bi-state area. Zubi was raised and currently resides in Granite City, Illinois. She earned her Bachelor’s degree with a focus in painting at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Recent exhibitions of Zubi’s work featured include The St. Louis Artists’ Guild, 50/50 in Kansas City, Missouri, and The Cedarhurst Center for the Arts in Mount Vernon, Illinois. The inevitable reflection of her identity is a circulating theme in the work she produces. Zubi’s current artistic practice continues to focus on navigating her experiences as a first generation American, minority, Muslim and a woman through representation. 


'Democracy Is Overrated', a performance by Michael Allen
8:30 - 9:00 PM

In this performance, historian and geographer Michael Allen commandeers a Volvo wagon for a journey across the American landscape of the new year. Arrive early and take a seat in the car for a road trip monologue that starts at the scene of the recently lost steel jobs of Granite City and ends up at the White House. Massive unemployment, the abandonment of older cities, a mounting Constitutional crisis, mass incarceration, a debt economy – take in the new scenery of the United States in a fast-paced wild ride. Standing room around the car available.


STNDRD Presents:
Lyndon Barrois Jr. - Souvenir


Although it might be a bit chilly, we will have a bonfire & hot cider to keep you warm!!!


Earlier Event: January 18
Artist Talk: Brandon Bandy