@INSURANCE, 1822 State Street
@PLAQUE, 1831 State Street
@GREASE, 1820 State street

A fun summer group show, featuring work from:
Ryan Travis Christian
Harley Lafarrah-Eaves
Davey Gant
Madeline Gallucci
Dean Roper
Michael Krueger
Tom Reed
Olivia Gibb
Brittany Boynton
Theresa Moher
Zoe Grieze

Also on view:

DOMESTIC, 1822 2nd Floor State Street
Aesthetics of One, Brad Eilering

LAUNCH PAD, 1814 State Street
a giant golden lion head from Bill Christman

CRASH PAD, 1814 State Street (rear)
Ghostwood Estates, David Burnett

PAD THAI, 1822 State Street backyard
Atomic Garden, installation and projection, Allana Ross and Natalie Rainer

CLOTHESLINE, 1822 State Street alleyway
One of Many, re-installation/relocation, Anna Minx

SLOTLOT, 1826 State Street
New American Gardening, June Edition, Chris Carl


Live DJ set from the one and only MARK WILLEY!

Plant Jams performance by Duane Bridges

revolve/r/ : an outdoor installation by Carlie Trosclair

November 12
July 22